Thursday, March 20, 2008

Can I Do This?

Well, let me see how this works. I type something in here, and you read it. Amazing. Now, what can my first blog be about? How about what I had for lunch. Yeah, lunch, that's the ticket.

Ever since my wife developed heart trouble we have been eating a vegan diet. Not hard at all, in fact I don't miss meat all that much. But today a few of us here at work went to lunch and I splurged. I ate a double-double cheeseburger. A double meat, double cheese with bacon. It was good, but it wasn't any better than a good veggie burger. My opinion anyway.

I hope to post some of my writings here eventually when I get the drift of this blogging thing. So y'all come back and check this out. You will laugh, cry and say, "Where did he come up with that?" I hope to have fun with this and I hope you do too.

Alas, parting is such sweet sorrow, let us say goodbye until it be morrow. (Sorry Bill Shakespeare)


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