Wednesday, September 10, 2008

We Can't Forget

I've always loved this view. From here you can see forever. At night you can see the glow of Broadway's lights and the moon shining off of the Upper Bay and Ellis Island. Central Park, the natural refuge in this concrete jungle looks like a stamp on the horizon.

How I love this city and the excitement that comes from every corner of it. It has become a place of refuge for every race and color, a beacon with her hand proudly thrust in the air. My family loves to picnic at Liberty Park, the thought of eating in the shadow of the symbol of freedom still gives me chills. Freedom. A word that is loved by some and despised by others.

I guess this is the day of the despised. They have acted on their hate and now I look at this view for the last time through smoke billowing up through my window. I look at the ashes of the other tower as it lays in a leap below me. With the quiver of my tower I know that soon we will soon join it. My floor grows hot. The carpet has started to smolder, in just a matter of time it will be blazing.

As I look upon the Upper Bay once more, I think of my wife and two kids. I think of what pain they will be put through in the next few months and years. Pain they wouldn’t feel if it weren’t for someone’s hate. But I can’t think of that now. No, in my last moments I can only think of the love they gave me. I will go in peace, peace that I know I’ll see my family again because of our faith. I go in peace knowing that the hate of others will not take the peace that my faith gives, the peace that comes from Jesus.

My feet are blistering and the pain is getting severe. I look out this open window and know that my time has come. As I step through my favorite window, I'll take that final step, and fly with the eagles.

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