Friday, October 24, 2008

Couldn't Be Better

I sit here with a head full of whatever it is a cold produces. Add to that two nights of Nyquil and other drugs, my old thinking takes the crooked road instead of the straight thinker that I usually am. (I'll wait here for you to stop laughing).

Ok, pause over. While laying in bed moaning, as my sinus's were running a race with my nose to see who could produce more stuff than the other, I was really in one "poor me" state. Then I started thinking about some of my friends and I have nothing to complain about.

Look at Linda, she takes care of her mother, causing her to be separated from her husband through Hurricane Ike, and also has her own physical complications that recently put her in the hospital for a stay. Last I heard she was still in there recovering.

Then there's Lynn. Lynn has fibermyalgia. If you know anything about fibermyalgia it is that it causes constant pain. Yet Lynn is one of the most upbeat people I have the privilege to know.

Last one for today is Gully. I've mentioned Gully or Gullible here before. Gully cared for a husband who had Alzheimers. A terrible disease which is harder on the caregiver than it is the patient.

When I get down because I may have a cold, or poison ivy or some other thorn in my side, I think of these ladies and others I know. I count the blessings that these things will pass and I'll be the barrel of laughs that I usually am. My true admiration goes to folks like these ladies. May you be blessed.

Ok, enough for a cold ladened rant.

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