Saturday, February 21, 2009

Music, Music, Music

I've always loved music, I inherited it from my mother. She loves to play the piano and sing, especially if her boys will sing with her. At Christmas time it was easy to sing along but during other parts of the year, I didn't know the songs she loved to play. She didn't know too much Kansas or Lynyrd Skynyrd and I didn't know the big bands. Then a couple of years ago, the family had Christmas at my house. My nephew was here and he talked of how much he like jazz. So with a few hints from him I started collecting jazz. Then an amazing thing happened, I started downloading the music that my mother loved to play, songs like "Always" and "Chances Are". I started listening to Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, and "ole Blue Eyes". I also found that I started to really enjoy music. It became soothing to my soul. Relaxing. But the most important thing, I can now sing along with Bessie as she plays the music she loves. That makes her day and that makes mine.


Anonymous said...

Love what you've done to the place, Walk! I spend more time in your other blog than this one, so I missed the great renovation.

Both my parents sang professionally,so my repertoire spanned a few generations (back to my grandparents time). It's so much fun when one of the seriously old ones comes to mind.Songs of the flapper era are hilarious!

Beth W. said...

Wow!! I love the new look -- haven't seen anything like it before, and it's fabulous.

Walk said...

Thanks ya kindly, ladies

lynnmosher said...

WOW! I've been gone from here much too long! I thought I had knocked on the wrong door! This looks so cool! Way to go, Terry!

You're a man after my own heart! I love all that music. It's awesome!

I need to get your posts in my inbox but, alas, you won't let me! LOL!

Blessings, my dear friend...Lynn