Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Dalton Gang

They knew their time was comin'
That was sky blue clear.
Into town they rode still
Showing absolutely no fear.
Up to the bank they sauntered
As if they were after a beer.
Met with gun fire and bullets
Which hit far and near.
Death came to them that day
And to the families they hold dear.
Their life just a memory
Of a few that still live here.
Who are waiting
For their ghosts to appear.
Not many, maybe not any
That day shed a tear
Just another day
In the life of the frontier.


Shaddy said...

Slip an "ly" on absolute and change saundered to "sauntered" and I'll buy you a beer.

The Dalton Gang would be honored if they knew you remembered and wrote of them this way, my friend.

(I'm pouting because I haven't gotten all the comments you've wanted to leave me. Sniff, sniff. It just plain ain't fair and I don't know what to do. Sniff, sniff).

Walk said...

I edited as per yer markups my friend. Thanks my friend and editor.

Shaddy said...

I pray you didn't mind my editing.