Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Text Message?

I guess I'm a little old fashioned. Have all these new types of communication really made life easier? Back in the day it was three ways to ask the latest crush out. For the one who was really bashful and tongue-tied, a note left on her desk. For the shy but conversational, there was the phone call, and for the verbose, there was the face to face. These three styles of communication worked well the majority of the time. The reaction was from "Isn't that cute?" to a slap in the face, depending on the pick-up line you used.

Now it seems the face to face has been deemed necessary only during the date. They text, send pictures of themselves, email, and even when everything else fails telephones. I guess a text message would qualify as note. But how impersonal has this become. How well do you know someone by their text message or email? How do you know if this person is as nice as they sound or are they a pervert?

I guess I'm just an old romantic, I prefer the wooing. The holding of hands, the goosebumps when you brush their arm as you walk beside them. The aching of your arm as you refuse to move it even after all blood has left it because it took you so long to work up the nerve to put it around her. The look in her eye when you finally kiss her.

So I'll live in my decade where you opened the door for your lady. You protected her reputation and listened to her wishes. You were obedient to not only your parents wishes, but when her father spoke, you listened.

Ah the good ole days


Anonymous said...

I am with you!

Relationships, friend or romantic, were much harder to make "back in the day". You had to work for them. It took nerve, physical and emotional contact, and once you finally achieved that attachment, it was not easily given up.

Now days I am not so sure. I see how my children interact with their friends and it appears that those relationships are somehow more "disposable". I wonder--Is it because it has become too easy to reach out to someone new?

But, I also have mixed emotions; because, I also use these same devices to reach out to the world. I have made some wonderful new friends even though I may never actually meet them face to face.

Shaddy said...

Things have certainly changed, Walk. I'm glad I grew up when I did. Life was much simpler then.

Except for my computer, I'm not a part of the technological age. I seldom carry a cell phone.

There is something awesome about the fact that folks like you and I can tinteract through our computers.

I guess there are positive and negative aspects of most everything.

Thanks for reminding me of how life used to be. We're fortunate that we have the past to escape to upon occasion.

Walk said...

Ladies, Sometimes, as I look at the way kids do things, I wonder what my grandparents thought about me. I guess the "Good Ole Days" are whatever you make them. I think I'm living the "Good Ole Days" now.

Thanks for commenting


I still have that guy who holds the door open, and boy am I glad. I like to be romanced. Today's generation doesn't seem to understand romance, and I feel sorry for what they are missing. The subtle smile, the anticipation of a kiss, the dressing up for a Saturday night date. (Sigh). I agree with darksculptures, relationships seem to be "disposable" today. But in all area's we are a throw away society. Very sad.

Nice thoughtful post, Walk.

Beth Westmark said...

New and constantly evolving technology makes instant gratification for "new best friends" easy to achieve, even for the socially challenged. More especially, it can bring the wonders of the world to folks who are in the hinterlands.

There are many wonderful things about this, but I'm with you, Walk. When it comes to one on one relationships, I want to stay in our decade.