Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Commander's Captain

My church just recently welcomed a new pastor. In the interim we had a retired pastor whom just happened to be my old pastor twenty years ago. To make a long story short, this is what I wrote for his thank you reception.

A ship without a captain
Tossed about by the wind
Guided by the current
It’s sails growing thin

Filled with a crew
Each with an oar in their hand
Waiting for someone
To take command

Sent from the Commander
He stepped behind the helm
To give directions
From the Commander’s realm

His course is true
His destination sure
His eye is on the prize
His task is pure

Captain of many a ship
Guided them safely to shore
His time here though short
His message we can’t ignore

The Commander has another
Ship for him to sail
Another ship adrift
A crew that needs saved by the nail

His course is set before him
He needs no direction or more skill
For his life is the Commander’s
To perform His Will

Graditude and thanks
Seem so hollow of words
To say how much we love you
How much you’re adored

Though our course will cross
On the horizions shore
May we be shipmates when we pass through
The Commanders Door


Anonymous said...

Wonderfully stated and written.

It takes a special soul to lead, whether the captain of a ship or the pastor of a church it is a special calling and requires a person of dilligence and unwavering strength.

Your comparison of these two positions and how each is in turn at the will of the commander gives a clear picture of the duty and responsibility embodied by our church leaders.

Shaddy said...

I'm certain your creative gift was received with much appreciation.

Another fine gift from your big ole heart!