Friday, October 16, 2009

Two Pairs Of Jeans and Two White Shirts

Ok, another recycle from my old blog. Yes, I will be writing something new in the near future.

Summertime the year I became “legal” was one of the best that I can remember. My first year of college was behind me and I met someone whom I thought I was in love with, but after really falling in love years later, I realized that it was lust and not love.

I first saw her as she walked into our Speech class. One look at her and I was speechless, not good in a speech class. She wore a white cotton button up long sleeve shirt with the top three buttons unbuttoned. The jeans she wore must have been put on with a shoe horn. Her red cowboy boots completed the imagine of the perfect woman. Did I mention that you couldn’t see her bra even though the shirt was unbuttoned? It’s hard to see something that isn’t there.

In order to keep things orderly the teacher had pre-assigned partners, and much to my delight, we were assigned together. I introduced myself by stuttering through some mindless sentences which ended with “I’m not really as stupid as I sound”.

She said, “I’m Val, short for Valentine as I was born on Feburary 14th. I like to have fun but I’m also serious about my school work. So, do you think you can keep your mind on the classwork, if not I’ll ask to be reassigned to someone else.”

“Can I be honest?” I gasped, “If you would wear a flannel shirt or maybe a suit of armor or something besides what you have on, then I may be able to keep my mind and eyes off your breasts.”

And that’s how we met. We had a cold winter that year with snow drifting up to the window sill, but the dorm room was hot. My best friend said he knew Val’s dorm room because the windows were always steamed up.

Plans were being made. Dates were talked about and what color bridesmaids gowns would be. We even had names picked out for our children. Before we knew it, summer had rolled around and we had to part for the summer.

“Two weeks,” I told her, “In two weeks after my first paycheck I’ll be knocking at your door.”

“I’ll be waiting. Waiting to hold you close, to hold you tight. I will dream of it every night until I once again kiss your lips.” And with that, she was gone.

Two weeks flew by. I worked extra hours the first weekend so that I could leave early on Friday. I jumped in my car and drove the two hours as fast and as straight to her house as I could. I jumped out of the car and was going up the sidewalk when the door to her house burst open and she came bounding out. I felt as though I was in Speech class again, I was again speechless. This time she was wearing very short frayed cut-off jean shorts. Her Dead Head T-shirt was tight and I couldn’t see her bra this time either. I stood dead in my tracks as she ran into my arms and kissed me like never before. She lead me into the house and....

Oh yeah, did I tell you we got an A in Speech class?


Gullible said...

Good one, Walk. I hadn't read this before. Looking forward to the promises "new."

Shaddy said...

I bet the first thing you did when you got in the house was to recite your favorite speeches to each other, laughing and punching each other in the arm between recitations.

Or, maybe not.


Flannel!! Speechless!