Thursday, September 8, 2011

Book Review - Baer Truth

Another cyber friend, Linda McMaken, has published a book, "The Three Baers, Book One: Baer Truth". Like my last review of Linda Yezak's Book "Give The Lady A Ride" this is a modern day Cowboy romance. And like Linda Y, Linda Mc's (confused yet) characters are well defined and lovable, in fact I'm in love with Tessa, when you read it you'll figure out why. There are several laugh out loud parts, which come at unexpected times, a very enjoyable read. It is the first of a trilogy about three brothers, which has it's twist in itself, the oldest, Joe, is the hero in this one. This is Linda's first book, but she has written articles for several magazines, she the Senior News Editor for Reader's Entertainment News, Senior Media Marketing Manager, and scriptwriter for COS Productions, and she also has a blog which you can click on over on the right in my blog list.

Linda, good job, I'm waiting patiently for book Two.


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