Friday, January 16, 2009

Ann's Writing Prompt

The first teacher I had to lead me in this quest called writing is Ann Linquist. On her blog, Ann Linquist Writes (link in my blog link section) had this writing prompt:

"To test this theory, I often write what I call “ouiji poetry.” I begin by closing my eyes, then randomly letting my fingers dance over the keyboard as fast as I can with no thought as to what is coming out. I try to hit the space bar once in a while and the “enter” key too, just for variety."
"Now I have lines of meaningless letters and numbers on the page. I look for suggestions of words in the chaos and give myself complete permission to translate the garbled lines into words. It’s still a mess, but I am slowly beginning to create order out of chaos. I revise again, and again. A bit of sense emerges along with many surprises."

There are many amazing "Ouiji Poetry" that came from this exercise, visit her link to read them. Here is my answer to that prompt:

After many wadded up pieces of paper, I decided I wouldn’t quit until I completed this, especially with GA4 just around the corner. 1) is the random 2) is the 1st draft 3) is the final

Of course being a guy, you can guess which way my mind went.

1) Lskryeuskx,cx cbdgdftgrywjhqwksmnsdbdfvgdt3y2qjqkq nmsbndverg4yhwjqksndsbvdgfregt34ywhqkjqnmsbndvergf4gtvebhwqjwkqbnmdvbwqgywuw3qkamsd nbeghwmq kashjckj, M ANVBSBHWJQ K1I2U3WHSWABNMla,ejdh

2)Lightning in the sky, illuminating us,

Sex beyond the foggy morning

Hawks swimming, small diameters

Bvds forgotten, 3 to 2 gigabytes

No more brown veggies 4 you

How quick and subvert dogs are free

34 year whole quick shower

Band very forgiven quickly.

Brown double buggy

With you til 3 am Sound now beginning Kash or check

My anniversary of BSing writing

K1 2u wheres the wabbit laugh

3) Lightning in the sky, illuminating us

Sex beyond the foggy morn

Hearts swimming, signs of dissolution

Bodies forgotten, two into one

No one bidding eternity for you

How quick, subvert and discreet

Forbidden, wild, and quite sweet

Bastion of forbidden quaver

Bound dauntless before blithe

With you still thriving amidst

Source of bridled passion

Checked within

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