Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Whole World's A Stage

I think it was Shakespeare that said "The Whole World Is A Stage". If that is true then where are the curtains?

The curtains have fallen on another year, a year that I would just soon forget, a year that I want to remember. There were many heartaches, the realization that my parents are mortal and won't be living forever, the death of friends.

There were also many blessings such as the birth of my grand daughter. The making of new friends. Spending another year in total love with a beautiful wonderful woman.

So I wonder what this year will bring. More heartache, I'm sure. More blessings, absolutely. Whatever it brings our way, how we react is a direct indication of who we are and what we believe. May you enjoy yourself. May you grow as a person. May your wishes come true.

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