Tuesday, May 19, 2009



What is life but a set amount of time on this earth. When we are born that set amount starts ticking. Each one of us has a set amount of time, and like fingerprints, that amount is different for each of us.

So, if we have a set amount of time in this period that we call life, how are we going to spend it? Being a grouch, complaining because the waitress didn’t get your tea glass filled the minute it was empty. How about that ole gal that’s driving the speed limit and keeping you from rushing to wherever, is it worth bitching at her?

Or how about spending more time with someone. Not only a loved one, that’s easy, but how about at the bedside of someone with HIV. Or talking to the town bum. How about holding your lover’s hand as you cross the street.

Spending time. We’re rich with it when we’re born. We grow poorer each day as we spend our life in our everyday routine. One day, we never know when, we will be bankrupt of time, our life will have been spent, and we’ll go the way of our elders, not another second to make a difference in someone’s life.

I hope each one of us will impact someone, touch someone, help someone, before time is up.


Shaddy said...

I'm going to visit a patient of ours who is having a rough time with recovering from surgery. She's stuck living in a rehab facility for at least another month. She's such a dear. I know how much she loves the outdoors and instead of enjoying all of the beauty of Spring, she's using all of her energy to rehabilitate herself so she can walk.

I'll go to see her during my lunch break today--the rehab facility is just down the road from where I'm working. She'll enjoy my visit but I'll be the richer for it.

Thanks for the reminder, Walk, of how giving of our time is a worthwhile way to spend the time we're given here on Earth.

Mary has been a sweetheart to me when she has come in for dental work, always sharing things from her garden or something she's made. Now it's my turn to be a sweetheart to her.

{Do you have monkey bars in your Children's Area where your work desk is sitting?)

Anonymous said...

Terry Walker, great philosopher!

Thought-provoking post, Walk!

Anonymous said...

I spend my time on helping little ones read and learn to count. I spend time with the elderly making sure all their needs are met. Every day I try to give hope, inspiration and love to everyone I encounter that day via phone, shopping. There is no budgeting on time. Use it or you will lose it!