Monday, May 4, 2009

My Name

Dierks Bentley has a song that has become my theme song, it is “My Last Name”. If you haven’t heard it, take a time to listen to it sometime. In the mean time I’ll give you the short version, he’s proud of the name his father gave him, and he’s proud of those who bore it before him. That is why it has become my theme song.

A couple of weeks ago my father passed away, he is my example, my inspiration, my hero. Robert G. Walker was born to a poor farm family, he lived through the Stock Market Crash, the Depression, the Dust Bowl, Served during World War 2, the A-bomb, desegregation, the Berlin Wall falling down, man walking on the moon, Cuban Missile crisis, Kennedy’s assassination, the first Black president, among other things. He went from walking and riding horses to driving all over the nation.

A quiet man who spoke only when he had something important, or funny, to say. Had to have meat, bread and gravy at least once a day and loved lemon pie. It would be safe to say that he spent most of his life outdoors, he worked as a pipe liner and he loved to work in his yard. He loved working in his small shop and became a master at the scroll saw, his art work hangs all over his house, and mine.

He taught me how to work hard and to be proud of it. That action speaks louder than words. To be proud of country and stand up for it. To love family. To be a friend to everyone even those you may despise.

The greatest compliment that I received was in a sympathy card from a friend who didn’t know him, she said that considering the caliber of man I have become that my dad must have been a wonderful man, that he was and still is in my heart, and the heart of all who had the privilege to know him.

Love ya dad, and I miss you.


Zelda P. said...

The little details you've writen about your dad (like that he loved lemon pie) help us picture him. What a warm story of your relationship and your love for him.

Anonymous said...

Your story spoke to my heart.And made me cry. My father passed away in 2003. Everytime I try to write about him, I shut down. The words won't come and the emotion feels like it will consume me. Maybe someday. I know what you mean about your name. That is why I put "H" with my online name. It's just something to hold onto.

I love your writing, whether it's straight from the heart or the hilarious and absurd. It's all good. KathyH