Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Poem

I look in the mirror
And what do I see?
That Santa’s my daddy
It just has to be.

Our hair is white
And so is our beard
We look so much alike
That it’s really weird.

Our belly’s will bounce
Like a bowl of full of jello,
We both like to laugh
Are jolly good fellows

We’re cranially challenged
Our heads big and round.
We’re known to be different
We continually confound.

We do have our differences
A few I do see.
You Ho Ho Ho
One’s enough for me.

I admire the color blue
Red’s kinda scary.
The white fur trim, I feel
Makes you look like a fairy.

So dear Santa
I think you can see
Why I think you’re my dad
Do you believe little ole me?


Linda Yezak said...

Oh, that's too funny! If it turns out to be true, will you be spending your Christmasses at the North Pole? Will you ride Daddy's sleigh to deliver presents?

Let me know and I'll set you out some cookies and milk next year!

Anonymous said...

Delightfully funny! Of course I always figured you to be more the papa smurf kind of guy. But now I see where the Jolly ole DNA just might fit right in.

Very Cute! Thank you for the laugh and the smile.

Shaddy said...

I picture you with a whole bag full of Ho, Ho, Ho's.

I'm looking forward to 2010 and more of your original creations.

Happy New Year, my friend.

Walk said...

Linda, if I could have used his sleigh, I'd made it home for Christmas. Come to think of it, I hate snow so that rules out the North Pole as a retirement location.

DS, Papa Smurf?!?!

Shaddy, I usually have Ding Dongs instead of Ho Ho's.


How funny! Love your humor, thanks for the smile. I thought you got lots of snow out OK way? You might be needing that sleigh!!
Happy New Year!!

Walk said...

Linda Mc, We received the blessing of three more inches of snow last night. Where is August so I can complain about the heat?

Shubhangi said...

Thats so funny..would like to read more.

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Walk said...

Thanks Shubhangi, glad you found this blog, there's no telling what will flow from here.

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Jack said...
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Elizabeth Westmark said...

Never did say Happy New Year to you, my friend, but I thought it.

Walk said...

Jack, thanks for stopping by, come back often.

Beth, blessings for you and Buck this new year, and of course Maggie.

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