Sunday, December 6, 2009

My First Christmas Gift

They have begun construction on the street in front of my abode.

Two years ago they said they would start.

Now that winter is here and a wet winter is predicted, they decide it's time to fix my street.

They are not only going to fix it, but they are going to four lane it.

Can anyone say Indy Speedway?

The old street is now a memory, dug up and hauled away.

They have dug down at least another foot since these pictures were

I can't get my car out over the temporary gravel drive they have put in. We have gotten rain and it has pooled up on both sides of my drive, making the gravel muck. We have two other vehicles, an old pickup and a SUV that can make it out.

I imagine that it will be close to this time next year before the speedway opens. After all, they posted the sign: "Slow Men Working."


Shaddy said...

On the bright side, your second, third, fourth, fifth...Christmas gifts will definitely be better than your first, even if one of them's a necktie.

"The old street is now a memory, dug up and hauled away." That's good.

"Slow Men Working" doesn't sound promising.

Oh, by the way, should I be shopping for suspenders for you?

Walk said...

Only the rainbow striped ones. They will go with the wig that Beautiful is getting me so I can go to a football game.

Gullible said...

"Slow men working." Love it--and your story.


Any project funded by taxpayers will last for 3x longer then originally anticipated. Ah, progress, isn't it great? So sorry, that really sucks.

Walk said...

Now with the little bit of rain we received today, it will be two weeks before they are back. Hope y'all aren't too snowed in.


We're not snowed in, just iced in. Its like a gigantic freezer here. Last night it was 12 degrees and with 30 - 40 MPH wind the windchill was hovering around negative 5. Need some Hot buttered rum, the hot chocolate isn't warming things up! Good luck with all the rain.

Walk said...

Linda, it sounds as if you need the luck, not me. It's suppose to be in the upper sixties this weekend YES!