Monday, March 8, 2010



Dust to the left of me.
Dust to the right.
Dust upon my pad and pen.
Dust upon my writing might.

Dust in the air.
Dust begatting dust.
Dust filling the wrinkled creases
Dust covering the minds rust.

Dust on a unused Muse
Dust on a unsaid word
Dust on a idea sought.
Dust on a story unheard.



Gullible said...


(cough, cough, cough)
And then (cough, cough)
After that I (cough, cough)
Do you have any (cough)

Walk said...


(wheeze, wheeze, sneeze)
No,(sneeze) sorry.
I used (wheeze, sneeze, wheeze) them all.

Anonymous said...

Just stopped in to gander the dander. But I started to cough, so I must be off.

Shaddy said...

I said it once and I'll say it again: Ahhh...chew!

Walk said...

Didn't mean to raise such a ruchus
What's a little dust amonks us?

Elizabeth Westmark said...

The motes float
then turn and spin
to rearrange themselves
on the table again.

Dusting is futile!!

Walk said...

How vile!


May I suggest Pledge.
It'll take away that dusty edge.
Leaving a sparkly Muse
Igniting your writing fuse.
Wow, is that bad!!!

Walk said...

All I can say
is what a day.
I've dusted with Pledge,
Now I'm on a ledge.
I've gotten an allergic Muse
Whom just took a snooze.