Friday, July 2, 2010

Fool's Paradise

"Listen to the rhythm of the falling rain,
Telling me just what a fool I've been....."

The Cascades knew me well when they recorded that song so many years ago. You say, "Oh no, what have you went and done now?", all that I can say is something real stupid.

I fertilized the yard today and it's raining tonight. "That's good" you say. Yip, good timing. Stupid move. Now the grass will grow and I'll have to mow more and waste all that good time that I could be reclining in front of the TV with a sodie pop in my hand.

What a fool I've been.


Shaddy said...

I think you'd be a fool to lie in front of the TV when the wondrous benefits of fresh air, warmth and sunshine are just a few steps away.

I suspect that deep down inside you actually enjoy mowing. We all need to spend time doing mindless things that allow inspiration to permeate our otherwise thick skulls.

Listening to an audio book might be enjoyable occasionally too.

HAPPY 3rd, FOURTH, and 5th, WALK.

Walk said...

I'll take the fifth on that!

Parrot Writes said...

I love that song! Now I'll be singing it all day! We hacd falling rain today, but it was a good thing. We are SUPPOSED to be in the 90s mid week. First time all year.
I'll have to post the pix of the invention my hubby tried. It was created to mow our two acres more quickly than the riding lawnmower. He had to abort the process and go back to the John Deere.
PS Happy Anniversary!! Our 24th is the 11th of this month.

Walk said...

Sing, sing a song. sing out loud, sing out strong......

Parrot Writes said...

OK Walk - I posted the pix I promised! BTW, I'm still singing that song!!

Willena said...

How funny... I was listening to this very song just before coming to your blog!