Friday, July 9, 2010

Something Smells

The smell of fresh brewed coffee awakened him out of a dream. He arose and let the hot water shower over his hair as the Herbal Essence suds flow down his back. His towel smells as fresh as when Snuggles first dried it.

He pours his first cup, holds it to his nose and let the steam penetrate his senses. The smell of the salty ocean breeze flows through the open french doors. A slight whiff of a passing skunk interrupts his thoughts.

The exhaust of rush hour was especially strong this day. For once he was glad to pass the Chinese buffet as it masked the commuters. In the office, once again the smell of coffee filled the air. His day was good until he spilled his Old Spice on his new suit.

That night he dined in the new “In” place with it’s special waffles sweetening the air. At the table next to him sat four young ladies, causing him to smile as he inhaled the scent of a woman.

He slid into his bed and pulled the sheet up to his nose, Snuggles tucking him in. As he drifts off the ocean breeze pulls his dreams into the deep.


Shaddy said...

Your narrative of smells "smells" awful good to me. I like the story form you used better than the lists that most of us submitted on Ann's site.


I just keep seeing that stupidly cute Snuggles bear and am deeply saddened I NEVER GOT ONE!!! Fun post, Walk.

Elizabeth said...

All I can think of, now, is how good that first cup of coffee is going to taste. . . er, smell.

Love your new design.

Like a bad penny, I keep on turning up. The link to my new digs is on the comment sig.