Saturday, July 5, 2008

My Name Is Russell Fink

Ok, I'm doing it again. I know I said this wouldn't be a book review blog but there are a few books out there that I just need to talk about. This is one of them.

I met Michael Snyder on I asked a typical newbie question and he made a comment that helped steer me in the right direction. I thought what a cool dude and I checked out his bio, found his website and was amazed that he was a real honest to goodness published writer, with a honest to goodness published book, by a honest to goodness publishing company. I had to have that book.

This book is great, one of the best that I've read in a long while. I've been stuck in the mystery/thriller genre for a while and even though this has some mystery and intrigue, it will keep you laughing through the slight of hand humor that Mr. Snyder has.

Russell Fink is an artist, I can identify with that, that works at a job he hates, I can identify with that. He has a psychotic fiancee', an equally weird and psychotic family, a hypothermic friend and a clairvoyant basset hound. Mr. Snyder is a storyteller and this is storytelling at its best. Its honest, funny, and will grab your heart, as you'll soon identify with Russell Fink.

Go, right now, to Amazon and get this book. You won't be sorry.

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michael snyder said...

Wow, how very very cool it was to find such a nice review of my book. I can honestly say you made my whole weekend (which is saying something, cuz this was a longer-than-normal weekend!).

Seriously, I'm humbled and honored that you'd not only read the book but say nice stuff about it.