Tuesday, July 29, 2008

To Skin A Cat

Third times the charm don't they say? This is my third book review, I know I promised this wouldn't become a book blog, but whose to say where this blog leads. Besides, I like to read, thus new material for this beautiful blog.

To Skin A Cat is the third of a detective series by John Robinson. John takes on a topic that is not approached normally in society. It's one of those topics that is whispered about at the Garden Club by blue haired grandmothers and hits the majority of every computer in America, if not through actual navigation to the sites then through unwanted email. That unapproachable topic is pornography.

Mr. Robinson doesn't hit you over the head with righteousness and the Christian view of porno, but instead quietly shows you the effect it has on generations and just how easy it is to fall prey to its deception. His hero, Joe Box, goes through this battle and wins, in a big way.

Mr. Robinson's writing skill turns Joe Box into a great main character. He not only becomes your hero, but also your friend. When you turn the final page of the book, that empty feel comes over you like when you told your best bud goodbye. Mr. Robinson builds a great cast of characters, with some whom you think you know, but you don't until the end.

What I like about this book is that Joe Box is a Christian, and isn't made out to be some stupid hillbilly that can't put two words together or someone who has a false faith and makes Christianity look bad. Joe stands by his faith and his faith doesn't let him down.

Thank you Mr. Robinson, you have made my list of favorite books, right at the top along side Mr. Snyder.

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