Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Are You My Friend?

I think it is pretty amazing how close friends you can become with someone who you have never met. I have taken some writing courses on ed2go and have made some great friends, then there are other groups like FaithWriters, ChristianWriters, MyBookTherapy and a few others where I have connected with a few through posting there. How can we make friends with someone we have never seen? What pulls us to a person we have never spoken other than through written words? I think we drop the labels when we're online. We're not effected by our first impressions, we become ourselves instead of putting on a mask of who we think people want us to be. How much difference would the world be if we would just be ourselves and drop all the false masks we wear.

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Anonymous said...

My best and closest friend lives 500 miles away, and we consider ourselves blessed beyond measure if we see one another more than once a year for a week each time. We have been friends for eight years, and best friends for more than five.

When we asked each other how we could have become such close friends when our primary mode of communication is via email and chat, we came to a similar conclusion to yours. It's as if we bypass the physical and tangible, and can see what is in one another's hearts. From a distance we feel safe in confiding in one another at a level that would be threatening face to face.

Our friendship has since grown to the extent that we can now talk to one another about anything in real life as well. We feel tremendously blessed by the friendship God has given to us, and we don't mind so much living so far apart when we know that without that disadvantage, we wouldn't likely have what we have today.