Thursday, May 22, 2008

This Old House

I've always loved old houses. I like to look at one and think of how I would improve it if it were mine, like adding a picket fence and a stone walkway. While on vacation, my wife and I decided to get off the interstate and seventy-five miles per hour excitement and take some two lane black top roads. One thing you always see on those back roads are old farm houses that now stand empty. the windows are knocked out, the doors are off the hinges, and the roof leaking. Someone's dream home, now standing abandoned, waiting for time to take its toll.

When I look at these old houses, I can see the kids playing in the yard, clothes hanging on the line, the wife yelling at the husband in the field that suppers ready. A house that once was filled with life, now an empty shell.

I see other empty shells every day and everywhere. They are at work, at the store, and at church. I see people whose life is as empty as that old house. They long for their life to be remodeled, they hunt and search for that something that makes them feel new again.

That's where we come in. We are the Carpenter's helper. This Carpenter can remodel their heart and soul. We can show them how we were once run-down and unpainted but now we are made new again in Christ.

The next time you are traveling and see an old run down house or building, say a prayer for someone you know that is lost and believe that through the blood of Jesus that they will be remodeled, renewed by His Spirit.

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Anonymous said...

We live on one of those back roads, and there is just such an old house just a few miles up the road. Here is my old house story...

At one time I thought of writing a children's story based on a family I imagined living there. Maybe someday...