Friday, May 16, 2008

FaLaLa LaLaLaLa

Whatever happened to the Banana Splits? Whatever happened to those six wheeled atvs that they rode around in? Matter of fact, whatever happened to Saturday cartoon's? What's up with all this superhero junk? Don't our kids need to learn to laugh? Learn how to pull pranks on each other instead of pulling triggers on each other? Hollywood claims that TV and movies are no powerful tools of influence, that they are just providing the entertainment that people desire. Well, I say "Bull@*#". Where are the actors with integrity like Jimmy Stewart? He was married to the same woman "Til death do you part". He had children in wedlock, you won't find that today. We don't have to stop in Hollywood. Look at Washington. Well, don't look too hard or you will become very discouraged. Gay representatives, a Senator who killed his girlfriend, on and on and on it goes. People we need prayer. We need to fall to our knees and pray that God will rescue us before the walls fall down. We need to fast and turn our hearts toward Him. The trouble with the church in America today is we have stop depending on God and we have started to depend on each other. When will the church wake up? 911 woke us up for about a year. What is God going to do to get our attention? Read His Word, He let Israel be defeated several times in order for them to return to Him. Come quickly Lord Jesus, come before the wolves take over the hen house.

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