Saturday, May 3, 2008

What Are Words?

What are words? Why do words have such a impact on our life? They are used to hurt, insult, belittle; they are used to make us laugh or to make us cry. They are used to encourage, to build up, to inspire. They are daggers when used in hate. They are stepping stones into worlds unknown. They tell others of our love, our need for them, our hope of our life together. Words are a responsibility that we need to take seriously. Writers, whether it be books, music or magazines have been given a task to use these words for the betterment of mankind. As a fledgling writer I have to evaluate what I write and does it build up or tear down, does it inspire or does it tear dreams away from someones very soul. My hope is that I can inspire and bring someone closer to the One who designed the words we used and placed them in a book that tells of Him and His love for us. That, my friend, is the greatest use of the written word, to show someone the living Word.

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