Saturday, March 29, 2008


A friend was buried today
I didn't have anything to say
He smiled he laughed
While working at his craft
Shook hands and greeted
Made sure you were well treated
Now he has his reward
Sitting before the Lord
Listening to the Son
"Well done, Charlie, Well done."

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Limbs of a Tree

Limbs of a tree
Reaching to the heavens
What do you behold?
Where are your yearnings?

Limbs of a tree
Two Thousand years old
The Savior's precious blood
Coating your wood

Limbs of a tree
Hands nailed to your arms
Your part in mankind's salvation
Not noticed but necessary

Friday, March 21, 2008

I had an interesting discussion today on fear. A misunderstood emotion that often renders a person unable to function normally as they take fear to mean danger is looming and they can't cope with that. But fear is not only a defense mechicanism, it is a common sense tool also. Common sense tells you to fear a hot stove or a mad woman.

But why does someone fear something so great that they wouldn't leave their bathroom or their porch for years? We hear these stories and think that it is funny that they had to pry a woman from her toilet seat but in reality this poor woman freaked out and wouldn't leave the bathroom. Did she have bad bladder problems or was it that a blood vessel broke in her brain and left her unable to cope with life and eventually death.

There is really only one fear that should overcome us and that is fear of the Lord God Almighty. Not fear because He can strike us dead at any moment, but reverence for the one that gave us Grace, Hope and Peace. We deserve for Him to strike us down, but He chose to let us live. This weekend we will celebrate His decision to come die for us that we may live. He is an amazing God, and we need to be forever grateful for His sacrifice. May He enter your heart today and bless you in all that you do. Thank you Jesus for defeating death, come quickly.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Path

To walk in the steps of others
Will guide me to places I've never been.
But to make my own footprints
Takes me to sights yet unseen.

Can I Do This?

Well, let me see how this works. I type something in here, and you read it. Amazing. Now, what can my first blog be about? How about what I had for lunch. Yeah, lunch, that's the ticket.

Ever since my wife developed heart trouble we have been eating a vegan diet. Not hard at all, in fact I don't miss meat all that much. But today a few of us here at work went to lunch and I splurged. I ate a double-double cheeseburger. A double meat, double cheese with bacon. It was good, but it wasn't any better than a good veggie burger. My opinion anyway.

I hope to post some of my writings here eventually when I get the drift of this blogging thing. So y'all come back and check this out. You will laugh, cry and say, "Where did he come up with that?" I hope to have fun with this and I hope you do too.

Alas, parting is such sweet sorrow, let us say goodbye until it be morrow. (Sorry Bill Shakespeare)