Saturday, August 24, 2013

National Attention

My hometown is currently the attention of the world since Christopher Lane was gunned down while jogging.  I didn't know him, but I have worked with his girlfriend's father for almost thirty years, so it hit a little closer to home than I'm comfortable with.  All that I've been told about this man was good,  he was funny, cared about people, often helping someone out even though he didn't know them, and on and on the accolades go for Chis.

I guess that's what disturbs me most about the incident, a good man is gone from this world while three thugs live on, dancing at their booking, showing no remorse.  Wannabe gangsters, wannabe tough guys.  I wonder how tough they're going to be when Bubba wants them for his girlfriend in the Big House.  

I've sat back and looked at how things have changed in my short life time.  Gone is respect.  Gone is courtesy.  Gone are the values that grew this nation, faith, family and hard work.  All replaced by the victim mentality.  Now instead of working for something, it's perceived that it is all owed.  Now instead of respecting others, it's how am I going to get what they've got.  Now Dad is replaced with a welfare check and food stamps.  Now God is replaced with worship of self and selfish desires.

What is the result?  A good man gets gunned down for fun, because they were "bored".  Countless lives changed because of a single act. 

So who is responsible for these boys and others like them throughout the nation?  I think there's blame enough to go around, but here are a few reasons that stand out to me......

1. National Black Leaders.  To name a few names, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and even our President Obama.  When a black youth was shot while attacking a man, they were on the news within hours if not minutes commending it.  The silence after Chris' murder is deafening.  Where are these race baiting men that have kept the Black community down now that a more heinous crime was committed by someone of their race?  Is it not profitable to call for a march for justice for Chris?  Did Chris look like the President's son if he had one?  The result, generations that hate other races because they have been taught that those races "hold them down".  The good examples of blacks that have succeeded is endless, from Oliver Cromwell who fought beside Washington in the Revolution, Fredrick Douglas who escaped slavery and worked with Lincoln on the Emancipation Proclamation, in the earlier years of our country, one of the Speaker of the House was a black man, and on and on to this day when there are living examples like Clarence Thomas, Alan West and others who stepped out of the role of victim and exceeded, not letting that mentality hold them down.

2. Our Government.  Particularly the Democrat Party.  For decades, probably since, if not before,  Woodrow Wilson, the Democrat's have been the party of entitlements.  Win votes with freebies.  The result, mother's having as many kids out of wedlock as they could so they could get that big check.  I could go on and on with facts about how the Democratic Party wanted to hold the Black race down, from forming the KKK to the entitlements of today.  A good book on this is David Barton's "American History in Black and White", it opened my eyes on a lot of things.  But the Republican's aren't blameless either, they have no back bone to do their job, thus they have rendered themselves impotent. 

3. Their parents.  Why were they bored?  They were left to themselves, no supervision, no guidance, left to do whatever they pleased.  One parent even said that he knew his son couldn't have done this, even after the fact they refuse to parent, refuse to accept responsibility.  They could have made them get a job, whether mowing lawns, carrying out groceries (one place in town still does that), to cleaning the side of the road.  They could volunteer, they could practice sports, play a music instrument, work on a old car.  A sister of one of them said it was the towns fault because there was nothing for them to do.  I guess a free daycare for teens is what is needed, another entitlement.

It comes down to one fact that is rampant in our society today.  We no longer fear the consequences.  I'm not talking about going to jail or even the death penalty, but the fear of spending eternity in a hell where there will be eternal "weeping and gnashing of teeth".  We have no idea just how much hell we would go through in hell.  I could go on about the saving grace that is provided to us free of charge, paid for by Jesus Christ, but I'm sure you have heard it before.  Let me just say, it is real, it is personal, and it makes life so much more fun and enjoyable.

Ok, rant done.  I could fill a multi-volume set, but I'm sure you're bored already. 

Blessing to you, may your life be fill with joy and laughter.