Monday, February 4, 2013

An Imagined Love Story

I don't know if you remember the time, I think we were nineteen or twenty, and we spent a week at Marco Island on the beach?  I remember watching you as you laid there, memorizing every curve of your body, loving every strain of hair blowing in the salty breeze.  Man, you drove me crazy with desire, crazy wanting to feel every inch of that sun tan lotioned body, crazy wanting to hold you close next to me.

Remember it was that time that we were walking on the sidewalk along the beach, you in your yellow bikini, and that mail truck ran into the parked UPS van as the driver was ogling you.  That was funny then, that is funny even now.  I loved that yellow bikini, and I guess the mailman did too.

Those were good days, young and so alive, but now, now we are in our great days.  Maybe it's because our years are getting shorter, we're in what Frank called the autumn of our life, that makes us appreciate our days more now.  I don't know, don't care as long as you are walking beside me. Why you ask?  Because you still drive me crazy with desire, I still want to feel every inch of your body.  Yeah, I'm still crazy after all these years, all because of you.