Saturday, January 8, 2011

By Request

A certain friend , I won't mention any names(OK shaddy), was snooping in my profile on Facebook and noticed that I painted. She said to show her some if I would, and since I don't think she'll be coming to Okieland any time soon, here are a few.

This first painting was my first painting. I copied the idea out of a book the teacher had, in writing words, I plagiarized it. As you'll see, I like painting scenery.

The second one with the window view is my mother's favorite. It is also a plagiarized painting.

The third with the horses is all my idea. The landscape is from North Central Kansas with the rolling hills and rock fence posts. The horses is from a picture I took of my father's horses.

The wind mill is from a picture I took somewhere. I liked it because it the foreground is in shadows.

The last one could only come from my mind. It is painted on a slate shingle that was from a 1800's Texas ranch house.

All the paintings are oil on canvas except for the slate. I've also painted a couple of saws, but they aren't "in style" now.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Weight Update

As of today, total loss of 36.6 lbs. 40 more to go.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Why I Don't Write Poetry 2011-1

I am under pressure. The first post of a new year should be something profound and meaningful. I ain't one of those types of people. The most profound thing I can remember is when Noah said, "It looks like rain." Several of my favorite blogs first post this year have some kind of meaning, like "What I learned last year", "What I'm striving for in this new year", "I'm going to do this this year," and on and on and on.

So what can I post that is meaningful? I've got nana. So maybe it's time for a "Why I Don't Write Poetry" post. Yeah, lets see where that will lead:

Why I Don't Write Poetry 1011-1

A new beginning in this new year,
New laughter, new tears, new treasures, new fears.
New paths to wander,
New thoughts to ponder.
Words to write that was left unwritten,
Muse's prompts that was once hidden.

I choose to go the way that I walk,
To ink the metamorphic rock.
To look at the world through my eyes,
Then edit, polish and revise.
Though I may often fall short,
My desire cannot be thwart.

This year I send you blessings,
Of every kind, wrapped in different dressings.
Dream your greatest dreams,
May your eyes shine and gleam.
Fight that which is your greatest strife,
But most of all, thank you for touching my life.