Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Why I Don't Write Poetry 2011-5

My contribution to the prompt given by teacher extraordinare Ann Linquist: "The Gatekeeper":

“I am the Gatekeeper,” his voice boomed,
“Do not precede or you will be doomed.”
I look at him with a weary smile,
“Do not fear, I carry no guile.
I am on a essential quest,
And I must continue my journey west.”

He repeated his greeting phrase
“I am the Gatekeeper, I do not faze.
At your own peril may you approach,
It is my territory that you encroach.
So, leave, go as you came,
This is not some adolescent game.”

“My quest, it carries me on,
I refuse to retreat for I am not your pawn.
Move to the side and let me advance,
I must go, it can’t be left to chance.
For the Gatekeeper you may be,
But I must go to Grimly Reap.”