Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Sunrise, Sunset

October finally arrives in Oklahoma, the hot wind and temperature of summer are now a bad memory. I take my morning coffee to the patio and breathe in the crisp pre-dawn air, just enough chill to give me goose bumps. Watching the eastern sky the yellows, reds and oranges of another beautiful sunrise was just peeking over the horizon, I had a thought, no a brilliant idea and it was time for action.

I ran inside and grabbed my shop keys, I then told Beautiful to go get dressed, that we’re going for a ride. I opened my shop and after taking the car cover off, I dropped the top on my 1950 Dodge Wayfarer Sportabout. I started it and moved to the front of the house, once inside I grabbed a jacket for me and Beautiful, along with a blanket for her to wrap up in. I then made a thermos of coffee, grabbed a couple of bagels and apples. By then Beautiful was ready, so we hopped in and took off. If we hurry, we can catch the last of the sunrise on Mount Scott in the Wildlife Refuge.

The Old Gal purred as we climbed the mountain, and the car ran well also. At the top, we parked and watched the last oranges turn to red then to yellow before the sun chased the colors away and replaced it with a bright blue sky. We watched as the world came alive, the birds started singing, we watched the buffalo herd head towards the lake, and the park ranger asking us why we were up there before the park opened.

With a last sip of coffee, I crank the old flathead six over and we head to the house, the highlight of the day over, or maybe not, in about twelve hours the sun will have to set, sounds like another road trip is in our future.

Sand Pebbles

Remember the wet sand between our toes,
As the waves kissed our feet?
The midnight moonlit walks
With stars in our eyes.
We swore that we would live there
Some day.

Now I wash the blood soaked sand
From my boots
The stroll we so loved
Now tarnished with war.
Never will I yearn to feel those sand pebbles again,
If I return to you.