Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Blind Date

From a writing prompt @Ann Linquist Writes: 
 Use these phases;
  1. Isn’t anyone going to give me a break?
  2. Am I going to have to separate you two?
  3. Who said?
Blind dates. I hate blind dates, but a promise is a promise and I promised double date with my best friend. What an idoit, I mean idiot. But his gal isn’t bad looking, how bad can her cousin be anywho? I look at my gorgeous self in the mirror and decide it’s too late to try and make myself look bad so she wouldn’t feel so self-conscience being with a stud like me. I hear a honk, so out the door I go, oh crap, what if he meant she was really blind….

I climb into the back seat of my friend’s ’57 Chevy and come face to face with one of the most beautiful girls I ever seen in person. Now who is going to be self-conscience. Introductions proceeded, yadayadayada, I sit back on the passenger side of the back seat and before I can say “sockittomemama” she was at my side. We proceeded to talk and get to know each other, and before I knew it, her hand was high on my thigh, “Oh my.” she said, “is that a banana or are you just glad to see me.” Really, did you just say that? Her cousin, yelled from the front seat, “Believe me, that ain’t no banana.” How did she know?

We were on our way to a pizza place in another town, a 30 minute drive. With it being January in an old car with a bad defroster, before long the back side glass was steamed up, not that we noticed. We pulled into the pizza place, and my friend and his gal stepped out of the car, he pulled the seat forward to help us out but we were in lip-lock heaven. He yelled at us, “Hey, am I going to have to separate you two?” We didn’t budge, “Come on, isn’t anyone going to give me a break? I’m starving.” She broke off the kiss and started buttoning her blouse, I tried to get my hair to lay down, along with other things. It was a long journey inside with the limp I had to walk with.

While we were waiting for our pizza to arrive, the song “If” by Bread came on the jukebox. She stood and grabbed my hand and we slow danced in the isle beside our table. Before the chorus started another couple started dancing beside their table, our friends joined us as we slipped into a world of our own. Before we knew it the clock was striking 12, and where the Chevy didn’t turn into a pumpkin, it was time to part. A long goodbye kiss, an exchange of addresses and phone numbers with the promise that we’d once again meet.

Who said blind dates are a bad idea?