1. The one regret about learning to love new friends through a online class like BWW is that we never meet face to face. We learn about each other’s heart and soul, we become as close as those that we daily on a personal level, always hoping that one day, lkwe can give each other a physical hug and sit and tell stories and tip a glass to our health. Thus its a sad day when we hear that we will never have the chance to sit and listen to Sandra Dee spin a story just for us.
    I don’t remember where it was exactly, maybe in BWW, but we talked of a time where we’d meet on Gully’s deck with our laptops and write. Maybe that will be a part of Heaven, Sandra Dee waiting on us with her glass raised.
  2. I don't know if I'll ever meet my cyber friends, It doesn't really matter.  What matters is that I have gotten to know them, love them, and gotten to know their hearts through their writings.  They have taken me on journeys around the world with their words, and taken me inside myself to reflect.  So, it doesn't matter if we meet, a piece of each lives within me, and I proudly carry them with me wherever I go.