Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Found A Couple New Blogs

For those of you that are unfortunate enough to live outside Oklahoma. I found a couple of blogs that tell you about this fine state.

The first is "How To Survive Oklahoma" and shares everything from tips on the hot weather to Okie history.

The second is "77 Counties - 77 Distinct Images". The blogmaster here is eventually cover the 77 counties of Okieland and blog with pictures and interesting facts about each county.

Both are fairly new blogs so check back often. The links are in my blog list to the right. Happy reading.


Anonymous said...

My Sunday School class was told yesterday that we're losing a couple of members to Edmond, OK. Be sure to welcome them: Tom and Mary. They're a great couple.

Of course, I told them if Texas secedes from the union, they needed to come home.

Walk said...

Edmond is a little ways from me, but if I run into them, I'll give them a shout. Do they have red hair too?