Thursday, November 26, 2009

Not Again!!!!

I awoke, at the insistence of a over-stretched bladder.
I arise, feeling the warmth of a carpet floor.
I walk, to the Room, yes, that Room.
I squawk, forgotten cold tile floor.
I slip, relief comes too soon.
I mop.


Gullible said...

Mop away, mop away, mop away all o' your troubles.

I mean really! Just how does one reply to such a post? Clever, Walk.

Cheryl Peters said...

May I suggest you step into slippers before you hit the cold tile floor or keep a bedpan handy.

Mopping past midnight can't be fun.

(I sit on the pot in the middle of the night with my feet held up off the ceramic tile. It's way too cold to tolerate with bare feet).

Best wishes in the future for more pleasant nights.

Anonymous said...

A cold tile floor, a hard sneeze, the joys of growing old.

Yikes I better invest in a few more bottles of Mop-N-Glo!

Walk said...

Thanks ladies, I think.