Monday, July 9, 2012

Why I Don't Write Poetry 2012-2

The rain may fall in Spain
But rarely here on the plains.
Grass is turning light green
The bunny's are running around mean.
Eggs frying on the back walk
Summer has hit full blast
Hoping and praying
It won't last.


Beth said...

We're having a pretty good summer here in the hot flats around Pensacola, Walk. Of course, we may mildew, there's so much rain. But that's not a complaint. I infinitely prefer it to drought.

Cheryl Peters said...

We know all about lack of rain here in Wisconsin too. Six tenths of an inch is all we got during the month of June!! The grass around here is all dried up. Fortunately, we've watered our lawn so it's nice and green. I just can't leave it alone!!! I think I'd feel all dried up too if I was surrounded by yellowish-brown dry grass!!

I'm glad you're still writing.