Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Middle Of Rubble

I look at pictures of the rubble after 9-11, and wonder just what my life, my heart, looks like.  I wonder if for a moment I saw my soul in all it's sinful condition, the way God see me, how would that change my live?  I know me, probably better than anyone else on this green earth, and I know that sight wouldn't be pretty.  Pretty scary actually.  And the fact is, there is nothing I can do about it.  Yes, I'm probably not on the Charles Manson, crazy pycho scale, but neve-the-less, my soul is black, I fail consistantly, I walk my path and don't bother to ask for directions from the One whom would guide me down the narrow path safely until I made it Home.  Yes, I would be scared to see me as God sees me except for one thing, one choice I made many years ago. 
Just like the pictures of 9-11, my soul was rubble, a burnt out, blackened shell.  Now I know that what God sees when he looks at me, isn't the junk, the poor choices, the stupid stuff that I do.  No, just like the picture from 9-11, what God sees when He looks at me is the Cross, He looks at me through "rose colored glasses" tinted by the blood of Christ.  My soul is His, as the song says, "I'm washed in the blood," and no longer is the rubble I've made of my life visible to Him, as he forgives and forgets. 

Other attacks will come, there will still be rubble in my life, but I no longer fear them, as I know I will rise from the rubble, to a life I can't now imagine.  And as another song says:, "O What A Day That Will Be."


Cheryl Peters said...

I'm a miserable wretch in the sight of God, if not for the cross, which washes me clean.

It is frustrating for Christians to recognize our natural tendency to sin. We want to be pure but we can only try.

Have a great weekend, Walk.

Jocie McKade said...

We are all pretty sinful folks walking that path.......nice post.