Thursday, June 23, 2011

Why I Don't Write Poetry 2011-4

They tell me its all in the eyes,
Truth or maybe lies,
In the eyes are no guise.

Differ I will, differ I must,
With much disgust, distrust.
For my belief is honorable and just.

The eyes are noble and able.
They cause trust, can disable,
One look and know if you are stable.

So look me in the eye if you will,
What do you see, a thrill or a chill?
Maybe the skill to kill?

What you see today may differ tomorrow,
They could be filled with joy or sorrow.
What will the soul borrow?

For in eyes beauty can be seen.
Sparkling, bright, and clean.
Whether in a dinner gown or blue jean.

The eyes are what we gaze upon.
Judging whether a swan or a Khan.
What do you trust on?


Cheryl Peters said...

This is a fine example of why you DO write poetry!!!

Anonymous said...

I trust the eyes, too, Walk, although you might run into the occasional sociopath who has perfected the technique of looking people in the eye and appearing trustworthy -- but if someone won't look me in the eye, it's a non-starter.