Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Pulled From The Archive

... The morning, which is the most memorable season of the day, is the awakening hour. Then there is least somnolence in us; and for an hour, at least, some part of us awakes which slumbers all the rest of the day and night ...
Thoreau's Walden

I awake and reach to hold her but she's not there, risen already to start her day. The hebetude slowly clears and I realize it is another mundane workday. Sleep's murk clears and I hear the taps of rain dancing on my roof. As the smokiness finally clears my mind and I realize that it is the shower I hear. She is preparing for the day, washing the sleep from her eyes and yesterday's challenges from her mind. As my mind goes into early morning erotica, I throw the covers off and jump out of bed to go join her under the warm spray of water. She is startled by my sudden appearance but notices my pointed intentions. My eyes wandered over her soap covered body, glowing from the reflected sunrise streaming through the window. She looks at me and smiles as I join her and turns the shower head towards me and then quickly turns the water to cold. "There you go big boy, we can't be late to work again.


Cheryl Peters said...

I get the feeling you didn't appreciate getting to work on time!!

makenwords said...

Having to work really deflates the ego doesn't it? LOL.