Saturday, February 25, 2012

Granite Rose - A Book Review

Last year, give or take a few months, I reviewed the book "Baer Truth" by a cyber pal of mine Linda McMaken. It was a present day cowboy romance that I gave a hearty thumbs up to. Now Linda has given us another romance, this one set far from present day Wyoming, all the way back to the Roman empire. Being a romance is the only similar fact the two books have in common. In "Baer Truth" Linda let her sense of humor shine through, pitting her rocker heroine, Abby, against the ranch life in Wyoming and the cowboys that work there, I laughed out loud several times while reading it. "Granite Rose" is filled with action from the opening sentence till the final scene. There is war, slaves, deceit, and everything else that goes with power and the lust for it. Even though all this, two people, two very different people from very different backgrounds fall in love. "Granite Rose" tells their struggle, from hate to love, and the road it took to get them there.

I'm not saying this because Linda is a long time friend, but this book is very well written. The characters were well researched, the locale was spot on, the action realistic. I don't say this often, but it was one of those books you hated to end, I wanted to know more about what happened to the characters and how their lives turned out. Book two maybe Linda?

So I give it the Amazon rating of 5 stars, I think you would too. If you'd like to read chapter one, here is a link to it from her website, . Enjoy and drop her a note of encouragement at her blog Makenwords,

Signing off as Linda does,
"May all the Write Words by Yours,"


makenwords said...

OK, trying not to cry here. Thank you, Walk. Seriously, you're words mean an awful lot - particularly at this point in my life.
Thank you!

Kimberly Rocha said...

This is such a great review!!!! Linda is an awesome writer as well as lady! So well deserved!!!

Walk said...

Linda, words come easy when they're the truth. Raves are much deserved.

BOC, you are so right, Linda is awesome. Thanks for stopping by.

Linda McMann said...

Just checking to make sure you are okay after all the weather mess in your area. Hope so - it looks devastating!