Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Long Time No See

Well, it's been a while since I graced these pages. It's been very busy around here and at work. Top that off I have the privilege of going to see my mother every day, not much time for blogging, writing or reading. I promise I'll catch up on your blogs before long. Now back to our regular scheduled program. The death of Goober, aka George Lindsey, got me to thinking and comparing the state of televivison today. I started thinking of "The Andy Griffin Show" and comparing it to today's sitcoms. Almost fifty years later I can name a bunch of the characters, Andy, Opie, Aunt Bea, Barney, Floyd, and some of the non regulars, like the Darlings, and who could could forget "It's me, it's me, it's Ernest T". I wonder how many characters in today's shows will be held in high esteem in fifty years. I wonder when Charlie Sheen kicks off if someone will be sad because he will never make them laugh again. Actors like George, Don Knotts, and so many others will make us laugh for years to come, because those shows are ageless. Thank you guys and gals for giving us a part of your soul and heart. May your work entertain for generations to come.


Gullible said...

Do you look back with affection on Archie Bunker?

Walk said...

Never was a Norman Lear fan. Meathead made me nervous and Maude was obnoxious. But that is just my taste, I prefer the slap stick, shaking gun laughs from Barney to the complaining/constant arguments from those other sitcoms or the continuious sex jokes on todays sitcoms. I watch TV and read books for an escape, I want to enjoy that escape if only for a few minutes.

Beth said...

I used to visit my mother-in-law, Lois, every day. We would watch Jeopardy and do crossword puzzles (in pencil) together. There was a blue rocking chair next to her bed. I still sit in it, rock, and think of Lois and our afternoons together.