Sunday, June 15, 2008

Badge Of Honor

I wear a badge. Not a badge of authority but a badge of honor. They badge I so proudly wear is my name. I'm not proud of meaning or who might have worn it in centuries past, but I'm proud of it because of the man who gave it to me, my father. I look back at the lessons he taught me, work ethic, not to talk just to be talking (some say we're "Quiet Men"), love of family and friends, and much, much more.'' My mother calls me "The Chip" and calls dad "Old Block", another badge of honor.

His steps have slowed, his eye sight has dimmed, still after 88 years of this earth, he still influences people with his ethics. He rotortilled his garden again this year, he still mows the four acres that their house sits on, after a meal he will get up and wash the dishes.

He has always been a man's man and he still is. He has always been a loving father and he still is. I'm sure there were times he would have given up on me but he never did.

Thanks dad, you are my hero, alway have been and always will be

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