Monday, June 23, 2008

Ten Words

George Carlin's death filled the news today, so this entry is for him. I don't know what his relationship with Jesus was, but I can imagine by his routine. So, for George:

Ten Words You Can't Say In Hell

1. Fun - "This ain't the Love Boat!"
2. Cool - Who'd want to be reminded of being cool?
3. Friend - "Will anybody talk to me, we're gonna be here a long time."
4. Water - "Hey, my mouths a little dry here."
5. Thermostat - As in where is it
6. Beauty - Cause satan is soooo ugly.
7. Bible - No one can quote it there anyway
8. Holy - Unless you are trying to convince God you are there by mistake
9. Saved - Too late to save your behind now
10. Jesus (in a respectful, reverence way); you can't say Jesus in school either, maybe there's a connection there.


Anonymous said...

Love that sense of humor, Walk. I think you'd enjoy reading "My First Day in Hell," by Jack Handey. You can read it online at The New Yorker magazine site.

Now, how about a few updates on "crazy laugh day" Bob?

--the artist formerly known as Mari

Walk said...

Good to hear from you Mari, I'm happy you stopped by. We had a crazy laugh day a couple of weeks ago, I'll have to make a post on it. Thanks for the suggestion.