Sunday, June 29, 2008

I've had a request for information regarding my grandfather and grandmother and who their children was etc, etc. Genealogy research, research of those who gone before us. What I wonder is what is the big deal? Is somehow knowing where I came from determine where I'm going? Am I on a course to repeat the course that someone set before me hundreds of years ago? Who I am is a result of who they were, at least physically, perhaps mentally. But what about spiritually? Is who they were guide me to the point of decision when I have to make up my mind about Jesus, did the way they lived their lives point me to him? Yes and no. Unbelief points you no where, where belief points you to eternal life in Christ Jesus. Unbelief also points to eternal life, but not the kind you want. Unbelief points you on the path the Hell and eternity there can't be described by any pain felt here on earth. Belief points to eternal life with Jesus, worshiping Him in Heaven, where there is streets of gold, a mansion built just for me, and eternal light that drives every shadow out.

I hope that I point my family towards the Light and not the dark. I hope that my life will be remembered in a hundred years as one who blessed his grandkids grandkids by the life he lead and passed on to those who came after me. Maybe looking at the past might be a good thing, it lets you look at where you've been and where you're going and determine where to correct the course.

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